Nancy Geary, E-RYT 500

I have the deepest gratitude for Christine Griggs who was one of my yoga academy 200- hour instructors in 2011-2012. Not only did she teach how to instruct yoga, but how to deepen your own yoga practice by learning how to live the very essence of yoga in our lives. Christine is an amazing mentor and teaches from the heart to the yoga community.  

I am forever grateful to Del Snyder who was one of my 200-hour instructors with a local yoga academy in 2011-2012. She absolutely teaches yogic knowledge to others from the heart in a professional manner, yet very caring and nurturing way. Del gave not only the tools to teach yoga, but to let our true personalities shine and create unique positive energy to manifest to others. She is a true gem of a mentor, inspiring others in their yoga practice. 
Christine Griggs continued to teach and expand my deep knowledge of yoga in a local 300-hour yoga academy course back in 2013-2014. I have nothing but praise for her. She is the Padme of yoga, the lotus, guiding others to the light of knowledge, inspiring us to uncover our own unique treasure within on 

our yoga path.    


Becky Waters, RYT 200

I can think of no one better to start a heart and earth centered Yoga Teacher Training Program than Del Snyder along with Christine Griggs.  I began my yoga experience with Del, and became acquainted with Christine as I expanded my practice through the RYT 200 program they both were affiliated with at the time.  Through the guidance and leadership of these two caring and compassionate women, I have been able to expand my own practice and lead others with confidence in to the world of Yoga.  

I have no doubt that the Garden of Zen Yoga Teacher Training program will be more than an instructional yoga school. The depth of knowledge both ladies bring to the table will provide a deep understanding of the entire yogic lifestyle, and it will also be a place to give and receive love and encouragement as well as to learn the practical knowledge necessary to be a successful Yoga teacher. It will give participants perspective and insight into themselves and into the way they perceive and receive the world. I am forever changed and blessed for the experience of working with these two passionate leaders in the Yoga community and am encouraged that their school will do the same for others who choose to do they teacher training at GOZYTT.

Rebecca (Becky) Waters, RYT200

Julie Green, RYT 500

I have studied and earned my RYT-200 and RYT-500 in training with instructors Christine Griggs and Del Snyder. We had a number of instructors in these trainings, but Christine and Del were my favorites.
I enjoyed Christine’s passion for helping people as she introduced us to some of the social justice implications of yoga, her enthusiasm in taking us out of the classroom to the Buddhist monastery and on meditation walks, and her dedication to her craft. She’s been doing this for a long time, and it shows in the classes I’ve taken from her and the way that she guided us to be the best yoga teachers we could be.
The classes with Del were fun and interesting - here’s another teacher with experience in making sure her students understood each concept, whether it be how to break down a yoga pose or the meanings of the mudras. You can see the love she has for her students and the practice of yoga in the way that she operates her yoga business in her lovely studio - with integrity and attention to detail.
Every time I teach a yoga class, I use what I learned from both Del and Christine. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to learn from these excellent teachers and would recommend any yoga teacher training where they are instructing.
Julie Greene, RYT-500

Tiffany Barber, RYT-200

Christine is a true mentor to her yoga student teachers when leading teacher training programs. Her expertise and positive energy foster the kind of growth and exploration needed to become a well qualified yoga teacher. 

Yoga teacher trainings expose student teachers to new parts of yoga and also expand on the interests already shared. Christine takes the time to connect personally with each student teacher so she knows the specific gaps and interests quickly. She is also always willing to connect student teachers with experienced yogis in specialties or specific fields. Having travelled the world, in dancer pose, she has relationships everywhere. Her enthusiasm and respect for yoga as a whole is clear and she passes that down in very meaningful ways. One that jumps out immediately was a beautiful evening meditating with Buddhist monks at the temple that Christine arranged for us. 

Christine is a true gem of yoga with decades of experience and well-respected roots in the Hampton Roads yoga community. She is dedicated to yoga, always reaching new personal and professional goals, such as publishing a book on the Chakras. Any YTT program led by her, promises to bring grounding, growth and a warm welcoming into the larger world of yoga through whatever supported path each student teacher chooses individually.

Frances Uhrich, RYT 500

As Christine and Del offer this new 200 YTT program, it comes with years of experience. Both were lead teachers in a local Yoga Teacher Training Program since 2011.  Christine has been leading 17 YTT programs, both 200hr and 300hr. Between them, they have taught over and above thousands of hours.

They both bring a passion to their Yoga classes, with a wealth of experience, skill and dedication, full of love and devotion not just on the mat, but they will give you those skills to take your practice further off the mat, and into your daily life as you go on this journey. I have taken both my 200 and 300-hour training under their guidance and would highly recommend their instruction to anyone interested in a training. 

Frances Uhrich, RYT-500

Alice McAdory, E-RYT 500

A yoga teacher training program is only as impactful as the instructors who guide you on your path to becoming a teacher.  I believe that learning about the power of and your personal relationship to yoga can be a powerful, transformative experience.  Christine Griggs is an instructor who can instill a deep love for the practice, one who can guide you to a deeper understanding of what it means to be a yoga teacher and/or or to be your chaperone on a path to self-discovery.
I was a student in the 300-hour teacher training where Christine was an instructor.  She has an in-depth understanding of the holistic practice of yoga.  She is authentic, she cares, and has a special gift to create enthusiasm and a thirst for learning in each teacher training meeting. Her positive energy can be felt with every interaction.
With over 5,000 hours of teaching and training experience and her knowledge that she has experienced all over the world, she has so much to offer.  I have learned so much from her and know that as a teacher trainee, you will have one, if not the best, experience of your life.  

Kim Thompson, RYT-200

Christine was a lead instructor in the yoga teacher training program I completed in 2016-2017. When I was introduced to Christine, I knew that she had many years of experience in practicing and teaching yoga and training yoga teachers. But what I didn’t know was how greatly Christine would positively impact my journey as a yoga teacher. Her knowledge is expansive and her insights are truly invaluable. I would not be the teacher I am today without Christine’s guidance.

Kim Thompson, RYT-200

Andrea Alley, RYT-200

Donna Farhi, in her book Bringing Yoga to Life, tells us that yoga, as a life practice, helps us become “awake to a life that lives itself through us every day.” Christine Griggs exemplifies that life practice, as she lives yoga through her everyday life. But Christine doesn’t stop there; she also shares her passion with others through yoga instructor training. Since 2011, Christine has taught countless students to be more peaceful, happy, and mindful through the practice of yoga in all its complexity, and to share yoga with others as they themselves become instructors. She skillfully blends all aspects of the yoga practice into her well-planned lessons, imparting wisdom and compassion along with good humor and joy. Her dedication to her students is evident in the way she interacts with each class member. Christine truly brings yoga to her life, and to the lives of her students.

Vicky Ellis, RYT-200

Christine Griggs was one of the lead instructors at my 200 RT training. I knew I would learn more details, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the Joy, understanding and passion that I would experience. I have attended numerous workshops led by Christine and follow her on her journey, that experience she shares with all of us on her “Yin Traveler” site.  Her book “Yoga with a French Twist” opened her world to allow us to see ourselves.  I am thankful for her generosity in her teachings that helps us to share the joy and passion of yoga.
Vicky Ellis, RYT-200

Nastassia Morgan, RYT-200

Christine Griggs was the lead teacher during my 200 hour yoga teacher training at a local yoga teacher training in Newport News. Christine is a very effective teacher, but not in an intimidating way. She is extremely knowledgeable but also she is kind, welcoming, and joyous.  She conveys the true essence of yoga in her lectures by combining facts and personal anecdotes.  I learned invaluable things from her that I will carry with me throughout my yoga teacher career and I feel that my training experience would not have been the same without her expertise. She continues to inspire and encourage me and I feel so privileged to have been taught by her.  Nastassia Morgan, RYT-200

Kay Hensley

Christine Griggs has been doing teacher-trainings since 2011 and has taught 100's. She is a caring, compassionate, kind and wise instructor. I know this because I am currently a student in which she is the lead instructor and I am constantly learning from her wisdom and guidance. She gives of herself selflessly as she helps each student to master the asanas, she also teaches on a deeper level so as when you complete the program you are able to be a yoga instructor as well as incorporating meditation skills, Yoga Nidra and the yogic lifestyle and ethics. Christine also teaches a multitude of workshops for example chair yoga and meditation that are simply a wonderful addition to your life as well as to your own students. 

Kay Hensley

Gretchen Brown, RYT 500

When we embark on something new we don't always know how it can have the power to change our life profoundly. When I began my yoga teacher training 3 years ago I was looking to find deeper meaning to yoga. When I left that 200hr training with Christine Griggs, I left with a  new purpose for my life. I refer to Christine as a gift to the yoga community,  and to all who know her.  Christine was so instrumental in the evolutuon of my intention to share this practice with others. How exciting that she is not only starting a new training but that she is taking this training to new heights. This woman; my teacher, and friend is truly a gift to me and the deeper teachings of yoga. She will change your life as well. 

Vicki Cooper, RYT - 200


I have known Del for 14 years in class and in yoga teacher training.  An excellent yoga teacher in the classroom, the most student-centered person I have ever met.  She listens, focuses and responds in a sympathetic, positive, helpful way.
I have know Christine for 11 years in classes and teacher training. I have never met anyone with as much enthusiasm for yoga and teaching.  In the classroom, she is organized and thorough in her presentation.  In the studio, she is adaptable to her student needs.


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