Meet our Yoga family of instructors

Del Snyder, E-RYT 200, PRYT(Prenatal/Postpartum, YACEP, GOZYTT Director, Studio Owner


Del has been teaching Yoga for 14 years and has been a student of yoga for over 18 years. She received her 200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher certification with Yoga Alliance) from the Institute of Health and Healing in Newport News in 2006. In August of 2010 she received her E-RYT (Experienced) Certification through Yoga Alliance.  She is also an RPYT (Registered Prenatal Teacher) through Om Mamma Prenatal School in Richmond as well as through a Yogafit training in Maryland. Del is also a Certified Booty Barre Instructor.

During the past 18 years, she has attended many workshops and experienced many styles of Yoga.  Beginning in 2011, she was one of the lead teachers in a local 200 hour yoga teacher training.  As Del specializes in Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga, she has also taught in a 300-hour level training in the local area.

In June of 2013, Del opened her own Yoga Studio here in Yorktown, VA – The Garden of Zen Yoga Studio. A lifelong believer and practitioner of natural medicine, the welcoming and healing environment fostered by the GOZ community is a natural fit for Del’s desires to merge yoga and herbal healing.

As such, in March of 2018, Del completed a six-month Apprenticeship in the Art, Science and Ceremony of Herbal Medicine at Sacred Plant Traditions in Charlottesville, Va., A Center of Herbal Studies. Del has also completed a two-year program, Whole Living 1 and 2 (2018-2019) at Forrest Green Farm, Louisa, Va. This program focused on organic gardening, wildcrafting ethically and safely, harvesting and preserving herbs, integrating herbs for food and medicine, nutrition, and eating with the seasons to support us in our everyday life.

Del is passionate about yoga and living a life connected to the earth. She hopes to share the gift of yoga and its many benefits in her community.  Continually seeking to grow as a teacher, a student of yoga, and as a Community Herbalist - she is committed to teaching with both safety and body awareness. There are wonderful benefits to a Yoga practice ~ clarity, spacious-opening and flexibility, grace, free-flowing energy, well-being, and strength among many – and so Del is delighted to share this powerful and healthy practice with you as you begin your journey as a Yoga Instructor.

Del is a wife and mother of three; she is also a proud grandmother of two beautiful granddaughters. 

Since opening the studio in 2013, it has been Del’s dream to open a heart-centered and earth-honoring yoga teacher training. 

This dream is now coming true!

My mantra –

 “I dream my painting and then I paint my dream” _ Vincent Van Gogh 

CHRISTINE GRIGGS                        ERYT-500, YACEP GOZYTT Lead Trainer


Christine Griggs was born and raised in France. She traveled the world with her husband John and their three children before settling down in Virginia in 1998. She is a multilingual translator and has used her skills throughout her travels to volunteer with refugees, work as a foreign languages teacher, a Virginia Court interpreter and a freelance translator.
When she discovered yoga in 2006, she found the universal language that would help her on her mission: to empower others to find the magic within them and share it with the world.
Her trainings include Yoga Fit, the Swami Satchidananda Integral 200-hour training, and Rolf Gates' 500-hour Advanced Vinyasa training. She learned Vipassana meditation at the Theraveda Buddhist temple of Wat Pasantidhamma.
She teaches yoga classes and continued education workshops in her community in Virginia, as well as during her travels.
She has been training hundreds of yoga teachers since 2011, as a lead teacher in a local teacher training, at the 200 and 300-hour level.
Her specialties are Vinyasa, Yin and Chair Yoga. She also specializes in Yoga Fundamentals, Yoga Nidra, Chakras philosophy, Methodology of Yoga, Class Sequencing, Mindfulness and Meditation, Lifestyle and Ethical principles of Yoga and Buddhism and how to incorporate them into our lives.
She is the author of Yoga with a French Twist; a Journey through the Chakras. Within hours of being live, it was a #1 New Amazon Release! She is working on a book of Yoga poems and a Children’s book on the chakras.

She is passionate about the Truth of Yoga and has developed those 3 Core beliefs:

1.  Yoga is much more than a physical exercise, it is a practice of wholeness. In her classes, you will be guided into awareness and transformation of all the parts of your being.

2.  We don't just practice yoga on the mat, we take it into our lives. It is very important to her to teach her students practical skills that they can USE in their everyday lives

3.  ANYONE can do Yoga. She is very passionate about making yoga available to everyone and designed her Chair Yoga classes for that purpose.

All her classes reflect and integrate those 3 core beliefs: they are inspirational and provide a safe caring environment, as well as a mindful rejuvenating practice interwoven with yogic principles that empower her students to live the lives they are meant to live.
She is still traveling the world, enjoys running, hiking, reading, writing, talking and learning about spirituality, spending time with friends and family, sitting in her meditation garden listening to the sounds of nature. She also deeply believes in Spiritual Activism, taking care of our environment, protecting animals and fighting for justice for our children and those who don't have a voice. 

Follow your heart!
She is modeling her life to the rhythm of Rumi's quote: Allow the beauty of what you love to become what you do."

You can find more on her website

MARY SNYDER, B.S. Exercise Science, Ace, AFPA,YogaFit, TRX, R.I.P.P.E.D., MadDogg, BootyBarre


Mary has always led an active lifestyle, though moving back to the States after four years Overseas to begin Middle School in Yorktown, VA, was a bit of a culture shock. Throughout the following years, Mary could not quite seem to find her niche and bounced from recreational sport to sport, until finally during her Freshman Year of high school she took up Tae Kwon Do and long distance running. After obtaining her Black Belt and logging hundreds of miles, Mary decided that the physiology and even psychology behind exercise and well-being was just too alluring to ignore, and before long, she was enrolled at VCU in Richmond, VA, in order to earn her B.S. in Exercise Science and Minor in Psychology. In 2006 while still at VCU, Mary was certified as a Personal Trainer and Yoga instructor and has been training clients and teaching classes ever since.

Prior to and upon graduation in 2009, Mary has served in various commercial, corporate, private and even medical wellness facilities, training individuals from all walks of life; at-risk youth, individuals recovering from injuries and even teaching yoga classes geared towards endurance athletes. Her passion, however, is working with clients to maintain physical and emotional balance and well-being.

With her background in yoga and her own personal experience with running, backpacking, and climbing, Mary’s expertise revolves around functional training – for everyone. Mary works with clients to pinpoint muscular imbalances and helps them to develop more body awareness – because to Mary, developing body awareness and strength geared towards functional movement is essential to avoiding injury and staying fit. Mary was also certified as a Lifestyle Educator through FirstLine Therapy, and works with clients wishing to make lifestyle changes through engaging in healthier eating and increased physical activity.

In addition to her education and background as an allied health professional, Mary has spent the last 14+ years researching, self-studying, exploring and teaching the more holistic - and even the more mystical - sides of health, wellness, and the human psyche. Ultimately, aspects of a variety of these modalities and areas of intensive study have surfaced throughout her styles for personal training clients and teaching yoga and group fitness classes. In the last three years or so, Mary has been incorporating more and more intentional energy into combining and sharing these healing practices such as how to align and balance the chakras, working with gemstones and crystals for support, astrology, oracle and tarot card readings in order to assist in examining tangible

aspects of the inner self and the subconscious mind, as well as other natural and energetic support tools. Additionally, she is actively in pursuit of obtaining a Alchemy of the Chakras Yoga Certification Training that incorporates learning and assessing/healing the Chakras through the use of Astrology, Psychology, Mythology/Archetypal Symbolism spanning across time and civilization itself, and through the rediscovery and practice of personal rituals and modern mysticism.

B.S. Exercise Science, Virginia Commonwealth University, August 2009
TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) Group and Private Instructor Certification, September 2012 R.I.P.P.E.D (Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometric, Endurance, and Diet), May 2012
FirstLine Therapy Lifestyle Educator, March 2012
ACE Personal Trainer Certification, December 2009
AFPA Personal Trainer Certification, March 2006
Adult and Child AED/CPR and First Aid, December 2011
MadDogg Indoor Cycling Certification, November 2010
YogaFit Level 1 Certification, June 2007

BootyBarre Certification, February 2015

Joe Charsagua E-RYT 200, RYT 500 and YACEP Yoga Instructor


“Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim.” This quote from B.K.S. Iyengar exemplifies how yoga can impact your life. Joe Charsagua is a retired military veteran who was exposed to yoga toward the end of his military career and was immediately attracted to its physical aspects as a way to complement his physical training regimen and provide alternative forms of physical fitness. Through his yoga practice, Joe enjoys a holistic approach to living and enjoys its many aspects to include meditation and yoga philosophy. In 2011, Joe became a registered yoga instructor through Zenya Yoga Academy and shortly after became a certified meditation teacher with the American Meditation Society.  Joe is enthusiastic to share the gifts and benefits of yoga and meditation with others and help them progress along in their respective journey to improve themselves and better their lives.

OM Shanti - Namaste

Nancy Geary E-RYT 500, YACEP, Tai chi for arthritis, Silver Sneakers certified, CLY - (ChildLight certified), Prenatal certified


Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Nancy settled into Hampton Roads in 1994 with her husband and two sons. She discovered yoga in 2008 after two years of physical therapy due to a back injury from a car accident. She quickly realized the many benefits of yoga for the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga was the answer to her life-long interest of being health conscious and physically active but not competitive. Her interest evolved from practicing locally to exploring yoga techniques in studios worldwide while traveling with her husband, always packing her mat wherever the destination. Nancy's passion and belief in yoga shines 100% and her energy comes from teaching yoga and being of service to others by making a difference

 in others’ lives.  

Accomplishing 200- and 300-hour yoga certification, Nancy also is certified to teach child, prenatal, and senior yoga as well as tai chi. She is certified in Silver Sneakers, which is a free health benefit for those 65+ with insurance. Her most recent certification is for Parkinson's through the Brian Grant Foundation. Always remaining humble on the yogic path, Nancy is invested in learning more about the ancient practice knowing what light of knowledge she soaks in, 

she radiates out to others. 

"Inspiring yourself through the yoga physical practice and the emotional link is a human connection we all seek. We're using our bodies and breath to find the common ground of the human language of love and compassion for ourselves as well as others, and nothing is lost in translation. By the end of class, something is different. We're no longer strangers. We see that despite any differences that we're just the same." 

- by Robert Schware, Huffingpost. 

Nancy likes to meditate, listen to Kirtan music, connect with nature, and travel. Along with staying active with yoga classes and workshops, she is on the York County Senior Board and stays busy with her family.  

Lee McMillan RYT 500 Yoga Instructor


Lee is active duty with the U.S. Coast Guard having served as a Health Promotion Coordinator where he experienced his first yoga class.  He has always enjoyed health sciences and fitness including various outdoor activities such as running, bicycling, and kayaking.  He returned to a regular practice of yoga after traditional rehabilitation failed to produce results following a skiing accident in 2016.  Lee is a graduate of 200-hour teacher training at Zenya Yoga Academy and 300-hour teacher training at Swami Satchidananda Ashram – Yogaville, and has specialized teacher training in meditation, restorative, adaptive/chair, and trauma sensitive.  He is also a registered EMT, and certified first aid and CPR instructor.   He completed his BBA at Averett University (Danville, VA) and MAEd at Argosy University (Honolulu, HI).  His yoga journey is representative of a passage from Yoga Vasistha, “Who am I who speaks, walks, stands, and functions on this elaborate stage known as the world?  I should find this out.”

Sumeda Madhuri, RYT 200


Sumeda is a certified yoga instructor and certified in stress management. Raised in Bangalore, India, she brings the eastern perspective and an authenticity to her yoga. As a scientist and a chemistry teacher by profession, she is able to attain a good mix of both the western and eastern perspectives of bodily forms. She is also able to get old ideas to the west with her understanding of Sanskrit and Ayurveda. She has experience practicing Hatha and Ashtanga forms of yoga. Come join her for the relaxing and stress relief salutations.

Becky Waters, E-RYT 200, YWI-Yoga Warrior International Certified Instructor


Becky is a retired educator who taught elementary education and special education preK-high school, worked as a building level administrator, and ultimately became a teacher educator.  As a consultant trainer for ETS, she trained teachers and administrators in 43 of the 50 states.  Being married to a career Navy man allowed her the experience of living and traveling many places across the U.S. and Europe and provided her with a tremendous awareness and appreciation for diversity and multiculturalism.  She has been a Yorktown resident for the past 30 years.  

Becky discovered the benefits of Yoga several years ago as she was searching for relief from chronic back pain.  She quickly found that yoga is much more than contorting the body into poses – it is a way of life blending mind, body, and spirit.  She completed her 200-hour training at ZYA in Newport News and has recently completed the YogaWarriorsInternational™ training, hoping to take her Yoga practice to a higher level working with wounded warriors and caretakers.  Becky adapts her classes to meet the needs of her students, focusing on helping students find their center and improve their strength, flexibility, and balance.  

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