Heart Centered Code of Conduct and Ethics

Student Expectations


Expectations are to be on time for class, after breaks, and after lunch. Please let the studio or faculty know if you will be late. 

Students are encouraged to have 100% attendance.  However, we understand that students have important commitments outside of the classroom.  It is the responsibility of the student to retrieve any missed learning material from the faculty. 180 Contact Hours are required by Yoga Alliance®, we have 8 extra hours built into the program, an additional 4 hours may be made up by attending classes or workshops taught by one of the current GOZYTT Staff.  Private make-up instruction resulting from absences will be charged $75.00 per hour.

Attendance will be taken for each class, workshop, etc. throughout the training, and will be kept on file. All students are to arrive to each class or workshop during the program

 with an open readiness to learn; including maintaining and bringing all required materials for every class. 

Ethical Conduct

The path of becoming an instructor of Yoga is to gradually adopt a Yogic way of life and to adhere to the principles of the Yamas and Niyamas. Throughout the training - students will follow these practices for coursework and all interactions with fellow students and faculty. Students are to interact and communicate respectfully and courteously with all - regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, physical limitation, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. The values, beliefs and personal preferences of each student and faculty member is also to be respected.

 Students must understand that all Garden of Zen Yoga Teacher Training materials to include outlines of course curriculum are under copyright protection and cannot be reproduced without prior permission of the author and the school.

To become a yoga instructor is to demonstrate integrity and skill at all times and thus refrain teaching students beyond your level of training and/or ability - it should be noted that this includes knowing your own personal limitations. Additionally it is the personal responsibility of each student regarding training and instruction techniques obtained from outside of the GOZYTT upon graduation.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Permission to record class; if permission is granted and you record the class, you are not allowed to distribute the recordings to anyone outside of the program or on any social media/internet.

Ethical conduct extends to all aspects of the GOZYTT program including respecting the confidentiality and privacy of personal information of faculty and fellow students in all forms - this includes phone/email and social media information.  Upon signing the GOZYTT agreement, we assume consent from students to photograph, video/audio-record throughout the training as well as for its use in all social media/marketing materials of the school.

Personal Safety and Property

As stated to become an instructor, you are to demonstrate integrity and skill at all times  - thus it should be emphasized this includes refraining from offering medical advice (or advice that could be interpreted as such) unless having the necessary medical qualifications to do so. 

GOZYTT emphasizes a heart centered community environment, and thus all students and faculty will collaborate to ensure the studio is properly cleaned and tidied up following each class/all props and equipment returned appropriately. 

Cell phones will be silenced and stored in the student lounge with other personal items during active class sessions. 

It is strictly prohibited to possess and/or to be under the influence while on the premises/school property at any time; weapons, illegal drugs/alcohol.

Dress Code & Hygiene

Appropriate attire for every class (regardless of the agenda for that day) includes clothing that is comfortable, non-restrictive and adequately covers your body with the types of movements/postures at any time. 

Wear comfortable clothing that allows unrestricted movement and come prepared to practice even if the class sounds more like a lecture.

Energetics, sensitivities, allergies and respectful consideration of fellow classmates and teachers also includes all of our senses (particularly scent, sight, and sound) is highly important and thus all students are to observe appropriate personal hygiene and refrain from wearing anything with strong odors/scents. Clothing that is offensive and/or highly inappropriate for this environment is NOT permitted. All students are equally there to learn and honoring a comfortable classroom experience is a must - individuals will be addressed privately and with care should there be concerns voiced regarding strong odors/inadequate levels of personal hygiene observed, etc. 

Students in the GOZYTT program will abide by all policies and procedures as described above. Students who violate any of our student conduct codes of ethics policies will receive an oral or written notification. Dismissal from the program may result.  Refunds will apply per the refund policy.