Why Become a Yoga Teacher?

You want to share yoga with others


The best way to share something is to learn how to teach it. Gain the skills, knowledge and experience to be an amazing yoga teacher.

You want to learn more about how to live a life of balance


This is by far one of the most rewarding parts of a teacher training. All programs and teachers are Yoga Alliance registered or approved. 

You believe that Yoga is for Everyone


We are aware of the importance of recognizing and embracing the unique situations of every individual along with any challenges he or she may face - Our curriculum encompasses a variety of specialty populations. 


Our purpose

Once realized that Heart and Earth have the same letters... it all truly begins to make sense!

Our program has been uniquely designed to attune to the very heartbeat of our beautiful Earth and the universal sound of Om~ the vibrational Oneness of All. We have taken special care to design a curriculum that will encourage a sense of peace and relaxation for all. Our hope is that all who enters will find the studio to be a safe and comfortable place to broaden and expand their own yoga practice while cultivating the inner true self which resides in each one of us. 

Our goal for the Garden of Zen Yoga Studio Teacher Training (GOZYTT), is to aid our students in taking those initial steps towards greater self-awareness. With decades of combined experience, our faculty and adjunct staff infuse our curriculum with a variety of levels and abilities. As we are of a heart and Earth-loving centered culture, we emphasize language and cues to foster inclusiveness in order to release any pressure for competition or feelings of judgment or even comparison of self/others and instead—focus to cultivate a group classroom atmosphere that is welcoming for all while also guiding individuals to self-pace the progression of their unique healing experiences

and personal life journeys. 

Our training also encompasses the instruction of a variety of specialty populations in our curriculum as we are aware of the importance of recognizing and embracing the unique situations of every individual along with any challenges he or she may face; and meet those challenges with our professional knowledge, loving kindness, and support. The focus populations to which we refer include Seniors and chair-based formats, Prenatal and Postpartum yoga instruction, individuals with PTSD and Trauma, and instruction in setting modifications to support students with prosthetics. 

Our curriculum covers traditional teaching practices for Alignment, Anatomy & Physiology of movement with the yoga asanas as well as meditation/yoga nidra and mudras for mindfulness and self-healing. Additionally, you will have instruction on the use of Aromatherapy, Herbal Wisdom and making your own energetic blends and herbal teas. Also, the curriculum will cover Yoga business practices, learning the Yogic Philosophy, and leading a Yogic lifestyle to then also become your own model of mindful interaction with students, your friends and family, and all you meet with an internal light blazing ever so brightly in your Universal hearth of Oneness.

Gain insight into what your training will be like by visiting our Curriculum page!

200-Hour RYT Teacher Training

Are you ready to take your personal yoga practice to the next level? Our 200-Hour Teacher Training program will guide you on your yoga journey, whether your goal is to become a yoga instructor or simply to deepen your own personal practice.

GOZYTT is a Registered Yoga School With Yoga Alliance